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A great tool that makes sharing photos easy via e-mail
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ZoomFoot Send Photo is a great tool that makes sharing photos easy. The program was designed for you to easily send lots of photos or large sized image formats via e-mail.
You can add images one by one or you can select an entire folder to be sent. The photos can be sent to multiple e-mail addresses simultaneously. Just like sending an e-mail you can add a subject and a message that goes along with the pictures. The program doesn't send the photos to the e-mail, it stores them onto a server and a link (from where the images can be downloaded) is send to the e-mail along with the message and a preview of the first three photos.

The program provides some useful options before sending the photos. You can set the application to send you a copy of the e-mail sent, or you can always set the program to provide you a link (10 days active) of the photos sent, in case you want to share those images via IM.

Also the program enables you to resize your photos before sending. You can select the predefined sizes or you can define you own size. You can even convert the photos into various image formats before sending. Moreover, it enables you to rename the prefix and the suffix of your photos.

ZoomFoot Send Photo makes sending photos via e-mail very easy without accessing your e-mail account and the waiting for the high-resolution images to be uploaded before sending the e-mail.

Dennis Niels
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